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"twigs" is a selection of songs recorded over a twenty-plus years time frame.  all these recordings are pretty much just myself with some wonderful guitar work by my good friends Jon R. Goin and fellow vinyl kings member Josh Leo.  with my last solo record being "marooned", which was released back in the early 80's, the songs on "twigs" represents a small example of what i'd written and recorded over the years since then.


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buds on branches - cd/downloads

"buds on branches" is a companion project to "twigs", even though this music was written and the recordings were done several years later and are quite different.  where "twigs" is what i'd call pop-ish songwriting like i'm use to doing, "buds on branches" is very much a collection of symphonic sketches.  in the mid-90's i had taken a 4-year hiatus from production work and really felt no desire to write or even listen to music other than the classical stuff on NPR.  when i did feel the urge once again to set down and write something, these pieces of music just came to me and they're all i worked on for months.


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