beyond reach

there are a few “Free MP3 Downloads” you might want to take advantage of if you check out this site. there’s also lots of info into the making of this CD


vinyl kings

unfortunately the band has let it's website go down. this link will take you to their CDBaby pages where you can at least hear some samples of our music from both "a little trip" and "time machine" and where you can order CD's or downloads if you like what you hear.


larry lee "marooned"

the only place i know where this CD/Album can still be found


sally barris

sally is one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters.  she and i had a kind of open door policy with regards to recording.  it got to the point where she’d just call me and say she’d be coming out the next day.  she coined the phrase “studio on demand”, which is what i’ve always called my studios ever since.  i helped her record the Reluctant Daughter CD and i’ve always thought every song and performance on that record was a gem.


jim photoglo

jim and i first met in Nashville in the early to mid 80’s.   we became band mates with the formation of the Vinyl Kings in about 1989.  he’s remained a wonderful friend through all these years and it was my great pleasure to help him with the making of both Sparks In The Radio and Is It Me?


hugo duarte

i first met hugo in a Key West bar one night when jimmy buffett and i sat in with his band.  then about a year later i ran in to hugo in Nashville only to learn he’d recently move to town.  since then i’ve probably played more rounds of golf with hugo than any other person i know.  we played in the dark and we played in the wind and rain.  he’s a very gifted storyteller and he uses that talent well in his songwriting.



i believe i first met ross sermons while working with singer/songwriter steve goodman.  ross told me about this idea he had to record a bunch of his North Carolina bluegrass friends in his old family home, Summervilla.  when he told me the house was built in 1845 i immediately thought of Rudi Valley Ranch and It’ll Shine When It Shines.  i literally begged ross to let me record it all.  both CD’s, Home In The Heart and We Got Work To Do where really so much fun to be a part of.   I hope to one day be invited to record #3


emily higgins

emily’s music is like breathing air.  it comes to you that naturally.  i got to work with emily just shortly after leaving Nashville and moving back to the Ozarks in 2007.  making records leads most times to making good friends. since finishing her CD, we’ve sort of become compadres on the run.  once or twice a month if we’re lucky, she gases up her Rav4 and we go daytripping all over southern Missouri and northern Arkansas back roads in search of those elusive quiet places.


lyal strickland

lyal’s recordings started right on the heals of finishing emily’s CD.  when someone like lyal comes along with a very cool and different style of songwriting and then he kind of gives you card blanche with everything, well for me it’s alway an honor to be given that much trust.  this was a really nice project to work on because lyal was so open to going down unexpected paths and he really allowed me to put on my producer/arranger hat.