Playing Live


As 2017 proceeds I’ll be playing some acoustic concerts with Randle and David.

Where's Comey When I Need Him?

The Russkies have tapped into my “Guestbook” trying to post a bunch of nonsense and garbled text. So I went off line for a few days hoping they’d migrate off to some other corner of the web. No luck…


The people who host my website told me these were not “bot” generated, but were instead actual people sitting at a computer keyboard cranking this stuff out. Wow, what a pathetic excuse for ones existence is that?


Anyway, I’ll be moderating the “Guestbook” from now on and that will mean any comment posted won’t appear until I’ve taken the time to login and read what’s there. In other words, if you don’t see your post right away, it’ll show up eventually.

LML & Randle Chowning Fall 2016 Concerts

Founding Ozark Mountain Daredevil members, Randle Chowning and Larry Michael Lee, along with multi-instrumentalist, David Wilson are announcing plans for a series of small venue/house concerts. They will be performing September, October and November of 2016. For booking information contact, Jaynie Chowning at

LML to receive Quill Award

The Sky Kings


The Sky Kings were formed in 1991 and consisted of John Cowan (New Grass Revival), Bill Lloyd (Foster & Lloyd), Patrick Simmons (Doobie Brothers) and Rusty Young (Poco).  They were ID’d as being an American country music supergroup and were signed to a record deal with RCA Nashville by then Head of A&R, Josh Leo, and together Josh and I along with the band produced their debut album the following year. Then RCA, for reasons never fully explained, did not released their record and subsequently it has been bootlegged and passed around from person to person for years.


Now some 22+ years later Sony Music Entertainment has digitally released this first album, "1992" by The Sky Kings.  I encourage all my visitors here to check out and support this amazing group of musicians/songwriters and to purchase this long lost album we recorded together way back when.


Purchase here @ Amazon



@ iTunes

1992 - The Sky Kings

LML YouTube interview

Someone brought to my attention a web radio interview i did back in 2003 about the then just released Vinyl Kings CD "a little trip". It seem the host of the show has recently posted the complete interview on YouTube and because I'm not sure how many of you who visit here know all that much about the Vinyl Kings.


The "a little trip" CD is to this day one of my favorite projects. I played music with that group of guys longer than any other band I've been in, off and on for over a 20+-year time frame. Their friendship and influence is no doubt what I've missed most after leaving Nashville back in 2006. It was fun music to create and we shared wonderful times making it.


I hope that maybe this interview will peak your curiosity to investigate the music of the Vinyl Kings.


There are a couple of new videos floating around on YouTube


1) LML video to the song “yearning” off of the “twigs” cd


2) ML  video to the song "semuta trek" off of the "buds on branches" cd 


3) Beyond Reach doing a song of mine, “younger years”


Pass them around

Special Edition CD's Released


I’m now taking orders for the special edition versions of Twigs and Buds on Branches, which will be signed and numbered.  I’ve set up a special email account, for this purpose and here is the information I’ll need from you.


*Your Name:

*Mailing Address:  (to where CD’s are to be sent)

*CD Titles you wish to order: (and the number of copies you wish to receive)


I will reply to confirm your order and to let you know what the total cost with shipping will be.


I’m going to start out fulfilling these orders on the “honor system”.  That is, I’ll trust that your payment will be sent out to me upon the CD’s arrival.  If I start noticing a number of delinquencies, then of course I’ll be forced to reevaluate the old “honor system”.


Purchase price per CD will be $16.93 plus postage


Why that price?


At $16.93 each there is no wiggle room, no leftover profits.  From the sale of these limited editions I’ll only end up making just what I’ll need in order to fund the “replication” of both these CD’s into one double CD package, which I’ll then be able to use for promotion (freebies for press and airplay) and to sell via CDBaby.  I’ll only be able to do that with everyone’s help and support.  You who purchase copies now are in essence my sponsors/benefactors, who will be helping me make my music available to a whole new audience in the not to distant future.

Download Twigs/Buds on Branches


All the individual songs from both CD’s can now be purchased for download from CDBaby


If you do download some of this stuff, please go back to my CDBaby pages later on and help me out by writing something in the “Reviews” section.

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