What I have in mind here is,,,,,

This will be my little place to ramble on about what ever strikes me and to tell the occasional story. Like;

"Free Blind Mice" with Granny's Bathwater

There was a small club out on the east side of Springfield MO called Sweetwater, with the best band ever to listen to, Granny’s Bathwater.


Memories of The New Bijou Theater

Destiny may present itself to us as forks in the road of life, yet those forks are almost never seen as such at the moment, and can only be pondered upon as time passes.



Don & Phil


Headley Grange

On The Way To Windermere

Crummock Water (c) Michael Turner

To Facebook or not to Facebook



When Inspiration Strikes


A Moment in Time


Happy 20th Birthday Hubble Telescope



Earth Day / Everyday / Giveaway

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